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August 10, 2006

Collectors Chime In

Filed under: Collectors Chime In — budhibbs @ 2:10 pm

I appreciate the fact that you are an advocate to ill treated consumers but
not all collection agencys are bad. Some of them are truly there to help and
some collecters make alot of money because they do there job and work hard
like many other people in this country. Also some things on your web site
are true but you are not giving the consumers all of the information.
Collection agencys cannot remove anything from your credit report, true, but
the origional creditor can, should the consumer follow the stipulations the
origional creditor set out to get a negative trade removed from your credit.

Also some collectors (such as those who collect on federal student loans)
collect because when the money is given back it can go out again to  other
young minds who want to go to college but cannot afford high tuitions,
books, lab fees and so on. And when it comes to garnishment collection
agencys cannot do that either but it can be done by the origional creditor.
I have seen social security be garnished. For automatic withdraws an
intelligent debtor will get an agreement in writing and ask for verification
of the amount of funds being withdrawn and when the funds are being
withdrawn. Your web site may help some people who do actually get treated
unfairly by collectors but for some it’s showing them how to avoid paying
bills. thanks -knowledgeable



  1. JAN,
    oh yea, another “by the way” comment…men in this country are far more accustomed to paying off debts of their “ex” spouses than women are!!! another inequity in our wonderful system in the U.S.( i thought equal rights was supposed to mean equal responsibility!) i guess not! AND, DID YOU KNOW, 80% of every discretionary dollar spent in the US is spent by a woman??? do you think that money is all EARNED by women??? the answer is ‘NO’.
    this is a topic for another blog, i suppose, but interesting nonetheless with a woman who will not release her tax returns that is running for president…APPALLING!!!

    : )

    Comment by BJAMES — February 28, 2008 @ 4:53 pm

  2. ALSO JAN…
    we did NOT leave debtor prisons behind in europe. early on in this country and thru about 1833, there were debtors prisons in the united states in philadelphia and i believe new york. as well as maine and virginia. the entire state of georgia had been proposed at one time to be a place where the country was to “remand” debtors. some notable inhabitants of the debtor prisons were:
    charles goodyear (of goodyear tire and rubber fame.)
    robert morris (who was a signatory on the declaration of independence)
    and you were expected at that time to also pay for your imprisonment. many people died in these prisons. just a little history lesson for you my dear!!

    Comment by BJAMES — February 28, 2008 @ 7:23 pm

  3. The Preditor Collectors, that buy up Zombie Credit cards,(Exspired credit cards)that were former from Sears and Sears sold 5 million of them to Citibank,in 2003, and CitiBank Re-aged alot of these out of date credit cards, reactiving the cards, by making a small payment,to reactivate, then selling them off to Pinnicle and other Collecters, who knew this illegal proceedure and should be proscuted for Extortion, and the people who have been contacted, should file information, with there police dept. to have them arrested. THIS IS NOTHING BUT EXTORTION OF CREDIT CARDS, A CRIME!

    Citi Group should be proscuted by everyone of these people who have been harmed, and the Damm Federal Reserve, better get there act together. This garbage they came up with about stronger control on Credit cards, was forced by the 100’s of bills waiting in the House,to be acted on for stronger laws.

    The Bush Regime is The cause of this, because Bush Appoints the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and the Secretrary of the Treasury. The Federal Reserve is a real joke, because it is nothing but 12 PRIVATE BANKS, mainly owned and run buy Republicans, protecting there own kind in this Mortgage Mess. It was illigeal for Them to have baled out Bear Stearns, who had two companies, that was also in this Preditor collecting racket, now Morgan Stanley owns them. The Federal Reserve is not suppose to be in the business to suppy money to private financial institutions to buy other businesses, and set the price for that company to buy another company. THE FEDERAL RESERVE BROKE THE LAW!

    Wake up america there are more Crooks in this business and government than honest people. It seems the Law firms in this business are a Curse upon their Profession.

    Comment by JDLAUGHEAD — May 2, 2008 @ 7:38 pm

  4. one collector took money in my account

    Comment by joseph jeudy — November 25, 2008 @ 5:33 pm

  5. I know who cashman is. I saw him on a message board posting ranting about how Bud Hibbs is a con man blah blah blah. He’s probably a lower than dirt debt collector. Ignore the trolls.

    Comment by Susan — April 19, 2009 @ 9:09 am

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