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February 19, 2007

ABC News: Debt Collectors Gone Wild

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Debt Collectors Gone Wild
January 18, 2007 12:15 PM

Brian Ross and Joseph Rhee Report:

Despite tough government regulations protecting people against abusive debt collectors, a three-month ABC News investigation found many unscrupulous collectors routinely ignore the law.

Listen to a series of audio recordings from abusive debt collectors, and read their transcripts.

Consumers around the country have taped threatening phone calls from collectors who have called in the middle of the night, used abusive language and have threatened to have people fired from work or thrown in jail. All of these tactics are illegal under federal law.

Listen to another audio recording of one phone call from a debt collector, and read its transcript.

Former debt collector Mike Flannagan, however, told ABC News, “Mean works better than nice,” and many collectors prey on consumers’ ignorance of the law.

According to Flannagan, “If I call you every day, and I bust your chops every day, and I progressively threaten you, and I progressively get meaner…the more likely you’re going to pay me.” Flannagan says he eventually quit the industry in disgust with himself.

To learn more on how to protect yourself against an abusive debt collector, watch the Brian Ross 20/20 report this Friday on ABC News.

Rozanne Andersen of ACA International, the trade group for the collection industry, says the vast majority of debt collectors follow the law and that the image of the bullying, abusive collector is an old stereotype. According to Anderson, “A debt collector is not the enemy of the consumer. His or her job is to help find a solution and help the person figure out a way to pay the debt.”

Click Here for Full Blotter Coverage.

A report on the debt collection industry issued by the Federal Trade Commission, however, found that consumers filed a record number of complaints against collectors in 2005, up 14 percent from the previous year. According to the FTC, the 66,627 debt collection complaints were more than were received against any other industry and yet “represents a relatively small percentage of the total number of consumers who actually encounter problems with debt collectors.”

By far, the most common complaint to the FTC was from people who say they were pursued for payment over charges they did not owe.

In the case of Loida Ripdos of Minneapolis, Minn., even after she filed a police report about a case of identity theft, debt collectors continued to hound her to pay a $1,200 credit card bill for an account someone had opened in her name. While six companies stopped their collection efforts, one firm called Apex Financial made a collection call that Ripdos felt contained an implied threat to her life.

Listen to the Apex phone call to Loida Ripdos, and read its accompanying transcript.

According to Ripdos, “I was crying when the phones ended. I was, you know, scared, because I was alone at the time.”

Apex Financial said the collector was fired for other reasons, and that the actions by one Apex collector caught on tape “should not cast a shadow upon the hard work and ethical conduct” of other Apex debt collectors.

Listen to a recording of a message left on the machine of a consumer in the early hours one morning, and read its transcript.

Recordings, comments and more: http://blogs.abcnews.com/theblotter/2007/01/debt_collectors.html



  1. I truly would like to witness Bass and Associates, from Florida, get some undercover work conducted on them. Perhaps someone can get a job with them, and find out the full story on them. For anyone not familiar with the company mentioned; read about them here: http://anthonylemons.blogspot.com

    Comment by AnthonyLemons — February 27, 2007 @ 8:26 am

  2. Talk about “ignoring the law” how about being totally sneaky and abusing the law.

    I just recently found out how I got scammed big time by a collection law office. They filed a judgment against me and put in a phony address as my last known address on the service. So I didn’t (couldn’t) even know about it until 5 or 6 years later when they started collection actions, because I never got the service and didn’t even know I had a judgment.

    The name of the law office is: Law Offices of Hemar, Rousso & Heald, LLP. Located in Encino, California.

    They were representing a big bank and don’t seem to mind doing “dirty tricks” to get their way. If you unfortunately get involved with them. WATCH your paper work (or lack of it) carefully.

    Comment by John — March 8, 2007 @ 8:51 pm

  3. Where is Budd Hibbs?
    I’ve noticed that his site has’nt been updated.
    Did he move to another site? Out of business?
    Thank you!! for an informative site.

    Comment by LPB — March 9, 2007 @ 4:26 pm

  4. Bud, when are you going to update? We love your work, and we are waiting for what you have next. Thanks. http://anthonylemons.blogspot.com

    Comment by Anthony Lemons — March 16, 2007 @ 11:14 pm

  5. Hi Bud,I am a big fan of your blog.Although I am blogging on Student Debt Consolidation but really love your blog.When will you update your blog.Please update it as many of us are awaiting for it.

    Comment by bryan — April 30, 2007 @ 2:44 am

  6. ok first of all i want to say a few things abut a company off this site i am a former employee of mrs associates to all those people who get mad about no company names left on machines its ilegal to do so u dont want ur dirty laundry out for everyone to hear do u???? i will be completely honest there are collectors in that company who are very nasty but dont think everyone is thatway because i was not that way. i will honestly say i was nice to all my debters until they got nasty with me then of yes i got nasty back why be nasty when someones trying o help u??? i know about bad sitations i have been there myself so im not gonna give u the third degree for it. i read all the comments well complaints that people add on here and i just want everyone to know not all collectors are that bad. some of us do try and help you. to add on to all this i was let go by this company for personal reasons i have the chance to go back when resolved after seeing all this im not so sure if i can allow myself to be associated with the negativity that seems to be surrounding this company and its name. if more people worked there like me there may not be as many complaints and yes i see that laws may have been broken in some cases but come on there are profesional debtors out there that give honest hardworking people a bad name thats why collectors get nasty they cant always tell who really cares about there credit and who dont all i ask is give atleast one associate a chance before u get all huffy and puffy because u might get one who really does care and wants to help u resolve the problem. ps thanks for all the info it gives me insight to if i should go back or not.

    Comment by na — May 14, 2007 @ 9:44 pm

  7. A debt collector is not the enemy of the consumer. His or her job is to help find a solution and help the person figure out a way to pay the debt.”
    ^^^^^^^^^That’s a lot of BS!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Their solution for me was to be their cash cow til the day I died. After sending $1700.00 over a period of months, being led to beleive I was repaying a debt, I found out they were charging interest. Nothing I sent was applied to principal. These crooks were INCREASING my debt!

    There should be a law that “debt buyers” should only be allowed to charge interest on the amount they purchase the debt for.
    I personally feel they shouldn’t be able to charge interest AT ALL!
    Isn’t interest supposed to be applied to money borrowed?
    I didn’t borrow money from any collection agency .

    My advice to anyone facing a collection agency:
    Don’t send them one dime. Tell them you don’t deal with third party collectors.
    Call the original creditor and try to work something out.
    If it has been charged off then…
    Let the statue of limitations begin.
    Let them take you to court.
    My lawyer laughed when I asked him if he thought the co that scammed me would have taken me to court. He said, the last person these crooks want to face is a judge.

    Comment by Bonnie — June 5, 2007 @ 5:01 pm

  8. I can understand you not wanting to make it personal, but ruining peoples lives is personal. I’m certain there are some decent people that work in the collections industry, but it seems more often than not, that they’re nothing more than a bunch of thugs. Just lookat this guy:


    He runs a commercial collection agency in Maryland and has somewhat of a connection with Wolpoff & Abramson L.L.P.

    Comment by Ann — July 12, 2007 @ 12:45 pm

  9. There’s been a lot of bad press lately pertaining to the ethics of debt collectors. As the owner of a collection agency, I’d like to take this opportunity to respond to such allegations. As a general rule, businesses contract with collection agencies in an effort to resolve recovery issues due to extended lines of credit that have failed to be honored.

    When not pursued diligently, past due accounts are among the leading contributors to serious cash flow issues that prevent businesses from paying their own bills, or forcing them to go out of business altogether. Businesses depend on earned revenue to thrive, it’s essential to the life of the business.

    As a business owner, I understand the urgency of recovering past due revenue. As a debt collector, it is imperative that we abide by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) standards. The role of a debt collector is to fulfill our obligation to the creditor and assist them in recovering earned revenue.

    It is my opinion that debt collectors also have an obligation to the debtor to assist them in resolving issues they face with their creditors. In all fairness, most debtors do not intentionally dishonor their financial commitments. Debtors are entitled to be treated with respect, unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Debtors have the opportunity to register a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) if they feel their rights have been violated.

    Any individual consumer may stop a debt collector from making contact with them by submitting their request in writing. Once a collection agency receives such a request, they must cease all communication with the debtor, except to acknowledge the request and ensure there will be no further contact, or to notify the debtor that the original creditor intends to take legal action. Please understand however, that making such a request does not make the debt go away if the debt is indeed valid. The original creditor still has the option to sue the debtor for the balance due.

    If a business contracts with a collections agency to pursue debt collections, their customers have rights mandated by the FDCPA. The FDCPA requires that debt collectors treat debtors fairly, and prohibits certain methods of debt collection. FDCPA rules and regulations do not apply to creditors collecting their own debts.

    There are precautionary measures a creditor may take to avoid the need for third party intervention. As in all aspects of business, it is important that accounts are regularly monitored and updated. At the first signs of delinquency, the accounts receivable department should make contact with the account to discuss payment issues. The longer accounts are allowed to fall behind, the longer it will take to resolve the issue and bring the account current.

    In the event a business, or individual anticipates being late with a payment, they too may avoid having their account placed with a collection agency. In such cases, the debtor should contact the creditor and discuss alternate payment arrangements. Contacting the creditor displays good faith, and alleviates any concerns the account will default on payment commitments, thus the creditor will likely be more willing to work out an alternate plan to bring the account current in the most timely manner possible.

    Communication is the key to conquering uncountable obstacles. In the collections industry the word “communication” may very well be the single most important function in our job description.

    Donna Vestre, President/CEO
    South Coast Revenue

    Comment by Donna Vestre — July 17, 2007 @ 8:38 pm

  10. Well said, Donna. You should write an article for InsideARM. Your level of insight and perceptiveness could benefit many in the business, and help both sides. One thing that really stands out is that you don’t resort to calling people deadbeats and putting all the blame on the debtors. You made excellent points, and you made them with class.

    From my point of view as a consumer/debtor/business manager, etc., I’ve observed a wide range of behavior in the industry over the years. Just like any other business: not all debt collectors are the same. We tend to focus on the worst of the worst here, because THAT is the type of CA that causes people to come here searching for help. A well-run collection agency doesn’t generate the massive numbers of complaints that get attention from regulators, advocates, consumer forums, etc. There are lots of good agencies out there, and yours must be one of them because I’ve never heard anything about your company. Ever.

    We don’t hear about the decent, law-abiding agencies – just like we don’t hear about all the sweet-tempered, loyal, gentle pit bull terriers out there. No one has a problem with the GOOD ones, so there’s nothing to discuss, eh?

    But that doesn’t mean the bad agencies shouldn’t be discussed. People need help learning how to handle the situation. I’d like to see good agencies paid and bad agencies fined. In fact, that’s how I handled my own situation. As soon as possible, I paid the CAs who treated me with respect and gave me the chance to get back on my feet. The ones who were nasty and/or broke the law in some way, I fought every step of the way. And now, long after my own problems have been resolved, I’m still out here fighting to help others.

    You’re right, a lot more could be accomplished with better communication, better people skills, and some patience. At this point I think the problem agencies have probably made it a lot harder for the good agencies, because once people associate “debt collector” with SOMETHING REALLY BAD, you have to work that much harder to get people to be willing to work with you. It’s hard enough without all that, isn’t it?

    Comment by impishredhead — July 18, 2007 @ 11:27 am

  11. My ex-husband and his wife are long time employees of one of the collection agencies featured on your website. Your appraisal of the type of people in these agencies was accurate. My ex pleaded no contest to forgery, he has been arrested for theft, he admitted in court to not filing income tax for ten years, and he has had major personal debt problems including declaring several different forms of bankruptcy. Of course, thats only the things that are public record… I could write a book, but then, I’d be painted as the “bitter” ex-wife. (Trust me, I’m not bitter – getting away from him was like walking away from a 20 year root canal, and he’s someone else’s problem now.)

    I thought one had to be of good character to get a law degree,
    so it blows me away that someone like my ex could get a law degree and be accepted by the Bar. I always wondered about his employer. Now I see its birds of a feather…

    Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Bitter Ex — September 12, 2007 @ 4:54 pm

  12. I had a credit card and they sold it to weber and olcese. I got a letter and called. I left tons of messages and finally got thru to a collector who did not know what she was talking about, I asked to speak to the manager and was transfered to ms, porter. she said that weber olcese bought the debt and that they were going to get a judgement and garnish my wages and bank accounts and taxes unless i paid it off. when i tried to explain the situation she said that she was new and there was noting i could do. i asked to speak to her manager and she said that she was the highest in the company. i hung up and called back and asked to speak with her manager and was told that it was the attorneys and was transfered to a assistant. i hung up again and asked to speak with a manger other than ms porter and was transfered to someone nameed lynn. she tried to help and transfered me to another collector who set up arrangements with me becuase lynn talked to her first. this collector told me that the debt was not bought. all i have to say is that weber and oclese is a joke and so is the staff, they lie and are unhelpful. when i called back to make a payment i was on hold forever and again left messges, finally i called and asked for lynn and was transfered to a different lynn, and she told me that the lynn i was talking about has no authority to set up anything. i hung up and called again and asked the receptionsist (who sounds like she is dying or really hates her job) what lynns worked ther and was told a collector named lynn and a manager named lynn. I finally got through to the original lynn that i was talking to and she took my payment. talk about getting the run around and no one nowing what is going on. then i called back becuase i did not see the payment come out of my account, i paid with a check by pjone and low and behold got transfered to ms porter i told her i gave my payment to lynn the manager and it did not clear my account she told me to hold and herd her say that once again “she is putting her nose where it doesn’t belong” and came back to the phoen. i asked her what she was talking about and she said that if it is collecotions i can only speak with her. then i called back and asked for lynn the manager and she said that they do not actually debit the accounts immediatly and that she sent a letter to me regarding some electoric withdraw and that the money would be taken out within 3 to 5 days. sure enough the payment came out. then within days i was getting messages from a machine and a collector and did so for 2 days in a row. i am considering getting a attorney becuase this to me is wrong and has to violate some laws or harrassment or somehting – can anyone give advice?

    Comment by Joe — October 4, 2007 @ 10:21 pm

  13. Pressler & Pressler, LLP In Cedar Knolls, NJ

    I am currently fighting these pariah. You can read the case here at http://www.caipnj.org. I am not an attorney, just an innocent consumer who did not want to let these people take advantage of me.

    I do not know what the debt is that they are talking about. They have given access to my social security number and whatever personal information that they have on their portfolio concerning me to unauthorized individuals, and will not get away with it.

    I am learning as much as possible about the laws that protect me, and the laws that they constantly break and are allowed to get away with because Sheldon Pressler the owner is on the special Civil Committee for the State of New Jersey; and has access to the NJ DMV Records which is extremely scary.

    Some rules need to be changed in the courts concerning notifications to defendants, and I will work to try to make those changes as well; but for now it is one slow step at a time with the pariah of Pressler & Pressler, LLP.

    It is disgusting to see what these heartless people do to single mothers and fathers, senior citizens and people that do not have a pot to p**s in. The do it just because they can. They go their conventions once or twice a year to learn how to get around the law; and it needs to end.

    This article was taken from http://www.caipnj.org in where I will be posting my dealings with these pariah. The links work on the page as well.

    ‘First off, we have been in contact with reporters of numerous New Jersey Newspapers explaining my case against the illegal practices; and reasons for my beliefs concerning the criminals at Pressler & Pressler, LLP. Below is an edited email that was sent out across the state of NJ.

    For those of you that do not know, Pressler & Pressler, LLP are one of the biggest Debt Collectors in the nation. They buy off debts from companies like AT&T, Citibank and a few other companies at pennies on the dollar, then attempt to come after people for the full value of the debt knowing fully that they have no claim to it.

    Recently, I have had to deal with these criminals because they have come after me for a Credit Card Debt that I never had. After filing an action against me in the Civil Court of Bergen County NJ, Docket No: DC-071497-07. I have asked a few simple questions; two of the main ones being: 1) Show me the ‘validity of the debt’, 2) Show me that ‘I owe you the debt’. To this day, they still have not done either. Here is just one of those edited emails for requested information: *Note you can see numerous articles in the Record Newspaper in Northern New Jersey which can be seen HERE; just search ‘corruption’.

    ‘A couple of class action suits against them recently that were settled by Pressler & Pressler LLP are as follows:

    -Grandberry, et al., v. Pressler & Pressler, et al., Docket No. L-001356-06 – Middlesex County – Honorable Ann G. McCormick, J.S.C. – A class action involving the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

    -Nthenge, et al., v. Pressler & Pressler, et al., Docket No. L-001363-06 – Middlesex County – Honorable Ann G. McCormick, J.S.C. – A class action involving the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

    I explained the case of Robert A. Jones v. Pressler & Pressler, LLP, (this is the case where a few years ago, Pressler & Pressler, LLP bought stolen customer information from Orazio Lembo Jr). Pressler & Pressler, LLP are named as defendants in this case.

    State of New Jersey Involvement:

    From their own webpage, http://www.pressler-pressler.com ‘Founded in 1930, Pressler & Pressler is managed by Sheldon H. Pressler, who was admitted to the bar in 1955. He has been appointed by the New Jersey Supreme Court to the Advisory Committee on the Special Civil Part (SCP) within which jurisdiction (up to $15,000.00) most retail collection matters are filed. He is also a member of the New Jersey State Bar Committee for the Special Civil Part.

    Again, from their webpage: ‘To serve its highly specialized practice, Pressler & Pressler is online with three (3) major credit bureaus, the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles, and the Secretary of State. All real estate, lots, blocks, addresses, and assessments are online and computer checked with new claims. We have a full-time programming and networking staff to assist its various clients who are computer linked to allow immediate transfer of new claims, constant online availability of claim status, payments, etc.’

    So, there are people fighting back against Pressler & Pressler, LLP. You see, these pariah rely on the fact that the ‘Average Joe’ does not know about the Special Civil Laws & Procedures concerning Filing Answers, Motions, and sending Proof of Validity Requests etc… This is the standpoint that Pressler & Pressler, LLP likes to attack from. I never heard about them until I was forced to deal with them; and now I am glad that they filed their frivolous lawsuit because now not only do they have to deal with me, but I have found a new passion and will not stop until ‘Justice Is Served.’

    Using the courts; which is the body that these criminals operate in, will be my/your/our best defense. Learn about the Fair Debt Collections Act; specifically your rights about the rules under 806-813. Learn about the Rules of Professional Conduct and the Rules of Procedure. There are rules, and Pressler & Pressler, LLP break almost every one of them. Why are they able to get away with it you may ask? Let’s start here:

    Click HERE for their web page. Do you see what it says: ‘Founded in 1930, Pressler & Pressler is managed by Sheldon H. Pressler, who was admitted to the bar in 1955. He has been appointed by the New Jersey Supreme Court to the Advisory Committee on the Special Civil Part (SCP) within which jurisdiction (up to $15,000.00) most retail collection matters are filed.’ So the president of the company is Sheldon Pressler and he is on this committee in which he was appointed by the State of New Jersey and is allowed to practice illegally. Maybe it has something to do with a few of the judges on that list as well, I know of at least one that is on the bench in Bergen County.

    So; moving on to an audio recording which you can hear right HERE in where a New Jersey Judge asks the Pressler & Pressler attorney to ‘validate his claim’ as to ‘basis and ownership of debt’. This tape is very telling, in that you can hear how the attorney for Pressler & Pressler scrambles for about 10 different reasons in a matter of 30 seconds as to how he has claim; which we all know he does not.

    So it is apparent to me that either; A) You have a ‘Literal Boys Club’ in where the Judges are practically working as employees for Pressler & Pressler, LLP or B) You have a ‘Literal Boys Club’ in where the Clerks are practically working as employees for Pressler & Pressler, LLP. The Judges are signing orders without giving American Citizens Due Process; quite possibly because the Clerks are not sending the original ‘Summons’ in which you have 35 days to answer. The Clerks may be using outdated addresses; or in the interim not sending them at all. The Judge in the above audio tape is obviously not in the ‘Boys Club’ as his actions were ‘by the book’ and most definitely should be commendable as he saw through the deceitful ways and practices of Pressler & Pressler, LLP.

    So you have the New Jersey Supreme Court to the Advisory Committee on the Special Civil Part tie-in, the Fair Debt Collections Act as well as numerous Rules of Court & Procedures in which once cornered; Pressler & Pressler, LLP will hide behind to get cases adjourned, and use numerous scare tactics to make you think that you are the one that is wrong here; when in fact it is the other way around.

    I received an interrogatory from the pariah in where it they ask me to give them all kinds of information including current & past address etc…People get these and immediately answer them because they will put in their cover letter that you have 30 days to answer it; and then state the law in which you have to answer the interrogatory. It is recommended that you answer this within the time period, because you do not want to give them any kind of ammunition to use against you. You can lose your case on this fact alone. HERE is the interrogatory.

    In question #1 they are asking me to give them my entire defense case; are they serious. I do not even know these people and they want me to turn over information that is none of their business. Here is the problem with interrogatories in the Special Civil Part. First thing is that it is Unconstitutional as with anything legal that you sign, because you are not afforded the right to invoke your Fifth Amendment; because you are required by law to sign this document, and you can be prosecuted if your statements are found be be ‘untruths’. Second is that this document will usually come within the first two weeks of you filing your ‘Answer’ in the court and you are expected to answer this document, even though the party that is suing you has yet to prove that they even have ‘validity & claim’ so you are turning over your personal information which will be used against you because the party; namely Pressler & Pressler, LLP has no case at this point and are trying to get you to ‘become one of their employees’ by doing the work for them.

    The worst cases are when people get scared enough to answer the interrogatories and will include their bank accounts, places of employment, family member names and Social Security Numbers; as well as monthly budgets. This is very dangerous because you could wake up one day with your entire bank account on lien by these people. They like to do this on the first week of the month, or the third week of the month knowing that this is when there are monies available in peoples accounts. In my opinion, the interrogatory questions; unless ordered by a Judge, should only be answered in one statement for each question; Dear Pressler & Pressler, LLP: VALIDATE THE DEBT!

    Honestly, would you pay a speeding ticket without there being actual proof of not only the ticket, but of the violation? Of course you wouldn’t and I wouldn’t either. Learn about Due Process.

    So how can companies like this exist and continue to thrive? By Law; they are not allowed to. We must all educate ourselves concerning Collections Laws. Just like you and I had to learn the ‘Rules of the Road’ in order to get our drivers licenses, you have to learn the ‘Rules of the Road’ in Collections Laws.

    I have attached some of my Court Documents below. All personal information was removed. Feel free to use them at your discretion, but understand that I am not an attorney so I can not be held liable for you using theses documents, as well as the outcome of your case. I can tell you that all of these documents are per the Rules of Court of Bergen County, New Jersey as this is where all of these documents were filed.

    Good Luck to you. Remember that you must learn these important items:


    -Do not answer any interrogatories unless ordered by the court.

    (In certain cases you may answer N/A)

    -Learn Rules of Procedure (Link on Page 2)

    -The Fair Debt Collections Act (Link on Page 2)

    -Rules of Professional Conduct (Link on Page 2)

    Interrogatory From Pressler & Pressler

    Validation Letter To Pressler & Pressler

    New/Better Validation Request (Not Included In Case But Better)

    My Motion To Dismiss

    Letter To Court Clerk Included With Motion To Dismiss

    Adjournment Request From Pressler & Pressler

    My Answer To Claim

    Pressler & Pressler Settlement Letter

    They Think That My Motion To Dismiss Won’t Be Heard

    Some of these documents are modified from the documents at PresslerClub. I wish to thank the owner of that webpage for getting me started in the right direction concerning my case. There are other great documents including Federal Complaints against Pressler & Pressler, LLP on this site so be sure to check that great webpage as well.’

    MORE TO COME SOON! Updated 10/4/07

    *The document links work at http://www.caipnj.org. please feel free to leave comments.

    Comment by CAIPNJ — October 5, 2007 @ 2:45 am

  14. In regards to Joe’s post on 04 Oct 07…

    It appears you have attempted to pay the bill you mentioned in your post. You may need to determine who the original creditor is and if that creditor placed your account with a legitimate collection agency.

    If the debt is aged, it is possible the collector was a debt purchaser as you indicated. In that event, whether the debt is collectable depends on the age of the debt.

    It shouldn’t be a frustrating experience to attempt to pay a bill. Unfortunately, there are those who are not professional in their work ethics.

    If you wish to resolve the matter, I would be willing to discuss options with you. Please feel free to contact me at DVestre@SouthCoastRevenue.com if you wish to discuss this matter further.

    Comment by dvestre — October 9, 2007 @ 12:21 pm

  15. In may 2007 I received a letter from my bank telling me that a levy was placed on my bank account . which was a surprise to me because I never recieved a letter from any collection agency about any passed debts. with this letter I received a copy of the ruling from a complaint that was filed in Burlington County, NJ. Which again was a surprise, since I never lived in Burlington County a day in my life. I realized that on the ruling was the name Pressler & Pressler with my name and a phoney address below it. I called my bank and they told me to call the court officer. Which I did. He suggested that I file a motion to vacate judgment. Which I did.

    Once I sent it to Pressler & Pressler and to the clerk in Burlington County, the letters began flying. They kept stating that I lived at that address and I was served. I continued to state I didn’t. At this point I just wanted them to continue to send these letter making these statements. Then as this continued they filed a second complaint in Gloucester Counth, NJ where I live so now I’m dealing with two complaints. I request validation they sent information on another account not whats on the complaint. This one they took the ten numbers of the second account and placed six other numbers in front of it to make it like a mastercharge card number. I never heared about that account again.

    Then as I was dealing with complaint number 2 they filed complaint number 3.

    In complaint number 2 they filed a motion for summery Judgment. In this motion they presented their case with information of another account noy the account that was on the complaint. I objected and filed a motion to dismiss the complaint.

    On complaint number one. they claim judgment even though I still have my motion open for ruling.

    In this case of complaint no# 1, I believe that Pressler & Pressles knew that because of jurisdiction they could walk away with what they did leaving the ruling in tact, and leaving me without recourse .

    Comment by Allison — October 19, 2007 @ 8:57 am

  16. YIKES, Allison!! Hope you’ve found a lawyer. If not you should go to http://www.naca.net, search for FDCPA experienced attorneys in your area, and start talking to them. ASAP.

    Comment by impishredhead — October 19, 2007 @ 9:07 pm

  17. question< if we get repo. and then the company sells the car for profit, what are we liable for..”the difference”or the “remaining balance of the card was sold for”?? lastly how do we find out what the company sold the card for.
    thank you in advance for your feedback.
    best reguards -alif

    Comment by alif delacruz — November 15, 2007 @ 9:21 pm

  18. Alif,

    You should be proud of yourself for fighting back! In my experience as a legal assistant in a debt settlement law firm, I’ve seen that many debt collectors will do anything to collect money. I’ve gotten comments from people on You Tube specifically venting about Pressler and Pressler.

    In your case, it’s best that you get an attorney. It will save you a lot of time and headache.


    Comment by J. Carlton Ford — November 20, 2007 @ 4:47 pm

  19. I filed a motion to reconsider. The plaintiff has not provided proof of debt. The attorney for the plaintiff who is also the agent of the company name that is the plaintiff, submitted a copy of a bill of sale showing that the plaintiff purchased debt from the previous collection agency. My name didn’t appear anywhere. They also submitted a copy of citi card agreement which was stamped July 2002 by the previous collection agency UNIFUND, my signature no where. The credit card debt I am being sued for was supposedly opened March 2003. No attorney wants to take on this case. WHY?

    Comment by Cal — January 22, 2008 @ 5:34 pm

  20. I found this information to be very helpful and educational. Thank you for taking the time to write this. I look forward to you writing in the future.

    Comment by Troy — January 27, 2008 @ 3:41 am

  21. I have been being harrassed by portfolio recovery associates for about two and a half years now. I do not owe the debt, and they refuse to give me any bill or proof that it is my debt. I have been asking for it so that I can prove it is not mine. They continue to call to this day. Even though I asked them to stop calling. I will be sending a cease and desist letter.
    On another note, Debt Recovery Solutions had a debt that I did owe. An old phone bill that got lost in the shuffle when I moved. I paid it. However, the debt was 5yrs old at least. These jerks reported it on my credit report as being from 2006! I filed a report with the FTC, because they can’t report phoney dates,they must report the date the debt became delinquent. I also disputed it with Experian. Well, good news, I won! It was deleted from my credit report, do you know why? Because they never have paperwork to back anything up, and they did not have the original date of delinquency, so Experian deleted it. I just thought I’d share a happy ending story, in hopes of helping someone else.
    Debt Recovery was VERY nasty to me, and even hung up on me when I asked them to fix it, and reminded them of illegal debt reporting. DO NOT get pushed around by these horrible people.

    Comment by Colette Nichols — February 24, 2008 @ 5:24 pm

  22. Good work, Colette! It’s always a pleasure to see someone learn their rights and use them properly. If they keep it up they’ll be paying YOU pretty soon 😉

    Comment by impishredhead — February 25, 2008 @ 10:31 am

  23. This information may be helpful to anyone experiencing those nasty creditor calls!!

    The top 12 most common Violations of the FDCPA (Fair Debt and Collections Practices Act)
    The below is not intended as legal advise.

    A debt collector cannot:
    1. Call you at work more than once.
    2. Call other people more than once to try and locate you.
    3. Tell anyone else that the collector is trying to collect a debt from you.
    4. Leave a message on an answering machine without saying that the collector is trying to collect a debt; he must leave his name and company.
    5. Say anything about arrest, going to jail or the like.
    6. Threaten to sue you when the collector has no intention of doing so. The Collector giving a deadline that passes without filling suit usually proves this.
    7. Threaten to garnish your wages without explaining that first the creditor must file suit and get a judgment.
    8. Embarrass you by saying things like; “You are a deadbeat; why don’t you pay your bills; you are a disgrace”
    9. Use profane or other abusive language.
    10. Shout, scream, or get angry with you.
    11. Give the impression that the caller or his company has some connection with the government, the courts, the police etc.
    12. Call you repeatedly. A call a week is OK. More than one call a week is harassment. Certainly more than one call in the same day is an abuse, particularly if you hang up and the collector calls right back

    Blogmistress note: April, where did you get that info from? It’s important to support posts like this by citing legitimate authorities, ie, statutes, case law, etc. And if you copied that from another site, you should credit them – on the condition that it’s a legitimate free consumer help site, not a predatory “debt settlement” company trolling for customers here.

    Comment by April — April 24, 2008 @ 1:49 pm

  24. I woek for a debt collection agency that will terminate a collector on the spot if we are abuses to a debtor. There’s not many of them out there, I worked for companies that collectors would scream at a debtor on the phone. I have always been a respectful collector. I make a very good living because of my collections. So we are out there…………….

    Comment by Vicki — May 5, 2008 @ 6:16 pm

  25. Fight Back! After numerous arguments with collection agencies about a debt that I did not owe, I called back repeatedly and hung up in the collectors face. She said that I needed to stop calling and wasting her time. Light Bulb moment!! They have to pay whenever I call. I spent the entire day calling and hanging up. They pay for the call. I spent the evening calling and listening to their voicemail. They pay for the call. If we all call them a million times, they will see how it feels, they will have such a huge phone bill that it will not be cost effective to continue in business, and it will feel great!! The FCC will not protect us from these sharks. They lie, cheat and steal.
    DIAL *67 and call the 800 number again and again. What are they going to do about it? Change their phone number? Sue you? Report you to some idiot government agency?
    Redial is your best friend. Send an email about this idea to everyone in your address book. Post the idea on every website. WE MUST TAKE OUR POWER BACK.

    Comment by civil disobedience — June 2, 2008 @ 7:52 pm

  26. I too am being hounded by Pressler and Pressler. cannot afford to hire attorney and after numerous requests for paperwork, got a one liner saying I owed them 534, which paid, then next week, got another for 549, for interest and other charges. Who can help resolve this? They are robbing every one of us.

    Comment by e. faulkner — August 5, 2008 @ 7:34 pm

  27. would like to know if anyone else is being harrassed by law office of richard clark in houston, texas. want to start a class action against them. please let me know.

    Comment by debbie — September 30, 2008 @ 7:32 pm

  28. Hello,

    Although I am in Michigan, please help me locate a division of the FDCPA to report social security fraud by a law firm debt collection agency. They are garnishing social security benefit receipients.

    I was hired through a temporary agency Accountemps and let go the 3rd day after I noticed in training that the law firm had garnished a social security benefit debtor. I was sitting with a long time employee listening and overlooking the file while she spoke with the debtor. After she hung up with the debtor I pointed out the fact that this debtor was a social security receipient and asked her whether she was going to let the firm know they had garnished this debtor $3,000.00 and especially after he told her the garnishment had caused him a lot of grief, that all of his checks bounced. She told me he should have paid his bill and that she wasn’t going to loose her job and walked away and went to lunch.. so I thought… That evening when I got home I had received a voice message from Accountemps not to report back to the law firm, or call them that they felt that my personality did not fit in.

    Comment by Grace — November 19, 2008 @ 4:08 pm

  29. Hi Grace,

    Here’s a link to the FDCPA: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre27.pdf I don’t think this qualifies as “social security fraud” but it surely violates state and federal debt collection laws.

    The debtor is the one who should be filing the complaint, and frankly should sue the backside off of that debt collector. But you could file complaints with the Attorney General’s office and the FTC. You might send Bud Hibbs an email about it too and see if he has any suggestions.

    Comment by impishredhead — November 21, 2008 @ 12:13 am

  30. I have been having trouble with Redline Recovery for 3 1/2 months. They kept calling, but always hanged up as soon as I answered the phone or my answering machine picked up the call. They never said anything, just hung up on me. I know for a fact that all my bill payments are up to date, so they cannot have any legitimate claim against me. I tried to block their phone number, but they go through anyway (using the same phone number based on the caller id). I have had to change my phone number to try to stop their illegal harassment. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, but I do not expect any results.

    Comment by Paul — February 20, 2009 @ 1:07 am

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