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June 6, 2008

Arbitration Forum

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It’s happening. The smell of arbitration is beginning to cause nostrils to twitch across the country. Business Week has a huge article on the subject this week, and ABC News just took on the NAF. We’ve been tinkering with the ArbitrationJustice.com website for awhile now and it’s done well in dry dock, but we need to push it out into the water and see what kind of rough seas it can handle.

And, for better or worse, we’ve added a forum. (Thanks for noticing, and no, we don’t know what we’re doing.) Who better to get it off the ground than the talented assortment of consumers, advisers and over-anxious brain power resting on this blog?

So come on over – lend your expertise, help us tweak this monster and see if we can’t put arbitration on the ropes.    Royce     http://www.arbitrationjustice.com

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