Exploring the Debt Collection Industry

Who is Bud Hibbs?

For 22 years, Bud Hibbs has worked to inform America of the ins and outs of the debt collection industry.  He’s the “go-to guy” when talk shows like Phil Donahue, CNN, MSNBC or Oprah need a subject for “sweeps week” that touches all of us.

His website, www.budhibbs.com is the starting point for nearly 20,000 first time explorers daily.  There they find the information about the debt collection industry and how best to deal with collectors.  His mantra:  “It’s not about whether you owe someone the money – it’s about the rule of law.”  Lawful debt collection agencies have no gripes or complaints about Bud Hibbs.  Nor he with them.  The law-breaking Buffalo style agencies hate him with a passion. 

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